AirSmallVirtual Recruitment Event @ TJSJ - 132215ZAPR18

Server: Expert

Departure Airport: Orlando Intl Airport (KMCO)

Arrival Airport: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (San Juan, PR) (TJSJ)

Date: Friday April 13th, 2018

Time: 2215Z

Time conversions:  

                     5:15pm EST/  4:15pm CST/  2:15pm PST

Aircraft: (Generic) Airbus A320-200 or (Generic) Boeing 737-800

NOTAM: Join AirSmallVirtual for our recruitment flight around Florida and the Bahamas! Ever thought about joining us at AirSmallVirtual, well now you can. This event is a nice way to spread ourselves around the Infinite Flight Community. And do not worry, you do not have to be a member to experience this adventure, this is just a taste to see how professional and fun AirSmall can be. We will be taking of from beautiful Orlando, FL and be landing at the heart stopping island of San Juan, PR which both cities are our largest hubs. Please be sure to maintain a safe IFR separation 10nm to make sure each aircraft has enough room within the cruising altitudes. And during takeoffs and landings please maintain at least a minimum of 5nm. More details about the event will be posted in the event group chat once we have the required members to proceed. We hope to see you here, and as always fly high captains!

PS: Departure runways and landing runways will depend on wind, for now we will depart 18L and arrive 10!

Flight Plan:



  • Copy FPL from IFAE - Kevin Soto if you want

Departure Gates:

Airside 1 Gate 1: @Kevinsoto1502
Airside 1 Gate 3:
Airside 1 Gate 4:
Airside 1 Gate 5:
Airside 1 Gate 6:
Airside 1 Gate 7:
Airside 1 Gate 8:
Airside 1 Gate 9:
Airside 1 Gate 10:
Airside 1 Gate 11:
Airside 1 Gate 12:
Airside 1 Gate 13:
Airside 1 Gate 14:
Airside 1 Gate 15:
Airside 1 Gate 16:

Arriving Gates:

Terminal B Gate B2:
Terminal B Gate B3:
Terminal B Gate B4:
Terminal B Gate B5:
Terminal B Gate B6: @Kevinsoto1502
Terminal B Gate B7:
Terminal B Gate B8:
Terminal B Gate B9:
Terminal B Gate B10:
Terminal B Gate B11:

                *Gate reduction due to lack of some pilots!           

About AirSmallVirtual

About AirSmallVirtual

AirSmallVirtual is a different kind of VA from others. We like to serve everyone including non-pilots. We like to have our own reward points for passengers/pilots as well and rank up systems so that pilots may progress through the airline.While we do have many choices in our airline to choose from go ahead and see our IFC thread and out website down below!

Our Thread

AirSmallVirtual | Small Just Got Whole Lot Bigger | Now recruiting pilots Thread

Our Website

SmallVirtual Website

✔︎We are IFVARB Certified


The event will be held this Friday!

Sign me up please…

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Dang! I have school on Friday!

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Check the time conversions to see if you can make it! :)

Roger you will be signed up! :)

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1 Person has signed up lets get some more recruits 😃

2 People down lets keep em coming :)

We got more people coming! Keep signing up folks

Spots are still free!

Lemme in plz…!
What (in Dubai) time it starts?

I dont know but check 5:15pm EST and converit

Sign me up please…

Attention everyone event will take place this Friday, if you wish to attend please comment your name below.

@BigBert10 @WardellStephenCurry @Nate_Schneller @Andyhollis2004 @Seeni

Hi, you called me over here?

Yes the recruitment event is back! If you wish to join ;)

Sorry, I won’t make it in time. I’m also doing another event on this date.

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