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  • Las Vegas is one of AirSmall’s Hub’s/Popular destinations. This month we are giving Las Vegas all our attention. AirSmall pilots and other non AirSmall members can fly in and out of Las Vegas. This month AirSmall wants you to fly into Las Vegas and meet up and meet new people. If you like flying with us in the future, than go ahead and go to: and join us here for much more fun. The sky is the limit so were will you fly to from Vegas?


About Us:

AirSmall is a VirtualAirliner that operates in Infinite Flight. The airline was established in March 24th, 2015. We fly to over 317 destinations around the globe and consist of 1,759 aircraft in our fleet. Our hubs include; Orlando, San Juan, LasVegas, LosAngeles, SanDiego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas-FortWorth, Dallas-Love Field, Jacksonville, John F Kennedy (NewYork), Houston-Hobby,San Antonio, Charles De Gaulle, London-Heathrow, and Amsterdam. Besides commercial aviation, AirSmall also has AirSmallCargo to help deliver your cargo on time, we also have our own connection subsidiary as AirSmallRegional. The CEO of AirSmall is Kevin Soto and the COO of AirSmall is Nate Schneller. Our CFO is Michael Gonzalez and Madison Junior is our event manager. We do have rankings for pilots which consist of: Trainee, Junior First Officer, First Officer, Senior First Officer, Captain, Senior Captain. Our airline is unique for a reason, our pilots are on of the most professional pilots out of all the VA’s. Our airline will provide training for our newer pilots that can get into the ranks really quick. If more information is wish to be known about AirSmallVirtual logon to And as always, “Small Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger!”

AirSmallVA Thread

image Suggested Routes

  • ASM 564 | (Generic) Airbus A330-300 | MCO-LAS
  • ASM 566 | (Generic) Airbus A330-300 | LAS-MCO
  • ASM 39 | (Generic) Boeing 777-300ER | LAS-LHR
  • ASM 3456 | (Generic) Boeing 737-700 | LAS-LAX
  • ASM 3450 | (Generic Boeing 737-800 | LAX-LAS
  • ASM 932 | (Generic Airbus A320-200 | PHX-LAS
  • ASM 289 | (Generic Boeing 737-800 | DFW-LAS
  • ASM 61 | (Generic Boeing 777-200LR | DXB-LAS

AirSmall Concourse B

AirSmall Concourse B is the Terminal for AirSmall aircraft. We fly out and into Concourse B. All AirSmall aircraft must park in their scheduled
Concourse B gates.


It’s a nice thread… But what exactly is it? Are you introducing a new VA?
Or is this an update for an existing VA. If so, why not post it on the Air Small thread?

Nope not introducing a new VA. But starting a new thread for Hub of the month for my VA to gain more traffic. This thread will have all the hubs of the month so pilots can keep posted on what is the hub and were AirSmall will be throughout the month.

I suggest announcing news and updates on your own thread - you’ll bump it up to the top anyways


Agree with @MisterButler. Also, link your thread to this post so if people want to join your airline they don’t have to search for it:)


I think this is a really cool idea. It’s a shame that the first 4 comments are people trying to tell you where they think your post should go.

Personally I enjoy discovering events and promos like this to give me a reason to pick my next destination and find other folks at the same airport. See you at KLAS! I’ll most likely be coming in from KIAH this afternoon.

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We have our website there so they may see our website and join ;)

I appreciate it! It is fine that people may state their opinion and it is nice to hear what you and other folks say. Like I said I made this a separate thread so I may promote my airline, and get more peoples attention towards were we are going to be during the several months. I personally think Its better like this that way they dont get confused with the other stuff being posted on the VA thread this is a separate part from that :)


Wow 1800 planes!!! That’s alot!

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Sure is! We got CRJ orders incoming as well. :)


To sponsor this months hub we have created an event for those to come out and fly with us! :D

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