Airside with a C-17 @ KAFW

Hello, everyone! Last Monday, I had an amazing opportunity to go airside with a visiting C-17. This aircraft arrived at AFW from Ramstein via MacDill AFB under the callsign RCH617. The crew was amazing and very friendly. Overall it was a great experience and the 4 of us were very lucky to be able to enjoy this.


Canon EOS 4000D
Canon EFS 18-55mm

Face to face with the massive beast.

Engine #3 sitting quiet.

The AFW ramp seen through the HUD.

Two angles of the control panel.

Inside the back of the plane.

That’s all for this topic, thanks for checking it out! Go check out my Instagram as well for more of my pictures:


Beautiful shots and great opportunity!! Someone grab the peanut butter cause im jelly!

The B52’s left yesterday from fort worth :( was hoping to try to get out there but it was too early in the afternoon. I think one may still be there for engine replacement but haven’t seen info.


Yo that’s so cool! Awesome pictures👍🏽👍🏽

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YES! I’m so mad. I’ve never actually seen one before other than when one did a flyover of the airshow in 2019. Other than that, even a flyover of the DFW area, they’ve always evaded me. Back in August 10 of them came to NAS Ft Worth for hurricane evac and I couldn’t stay long enough to see them land since I had to be at work that night.

Got a cool shot during their TCU flyover in December.

Not even close to as cool as your shots above!

*edit-accidental selfie post


@mwe2187 Unfortunately the second B-52 also left. Did you see the C-5 that did patterns for 2 hours on Wednesday night?

Nope :( and it went right over my house according to the DFW Spotters FB page. was too cloudy/rainy to see it

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I remember when I gave you the music on Instagram lol

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ok big flex lol



Great shots by the way!


The C-17 is absolutely impressive! Saw it twice from a bit away, but these pictures show the massiveness very well. The cockpit pictures are very special too as is three cargo compartment picture. That must have been a really amazing experience, thanks for sharing!

here’s one of my pictures :’)
phone quality go brr

It is like a plane without head.

The cockpit close ups are superb!

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