Airside with a 727 Freighter | June 29th, 2020

The hunt is over. I have secured photos of the elusive Kalitta Charters II 727 that pays Rochester a visit every so often.

On June 29th, I noticed that Kalitta finally sent a 727 again (last time was almost three weeks ago), but because the schedule is different on Mondays, it was gone from Rochester long before I could even think of waking up. Thus, I had no choice but to go at night to shoot some long exposures.

Shot on D7500 + Tamron SP 45 VC & Manfrotto Element

When I pulled up to the DHL Freight Center at around 10:30 pm, I saw that the plane was parallel to the fence, which created some issues with the angle through the fence. Some ramp workers approached me and I thought they were going to tell me to leave, but instead they invited me airside and told me I could go anywhere on the apron to snap photos.

I don’t own a lens smaller than 45mm nor did I know this was going to happen so I couldn’t go borrow one, but when you’re airside you have to take advantage of close ups and different angles. I tried.

Sadly the equipment was all located on the same side the light was on.

Loading cargo in pallets for the flight back to CVG.

Kalitta Charter’s callsign is “Dragster”, which seems fitting for this because the 727 is sort of stanced like a dragster with the T-tail and wide rear end. While it’s definitely not as loud as one, those JT8Ds still rip into your ears, especially from less than 200 feet away.

Still have to have a close-up because it’s me.


Dang bro! Amazing! I got to see that at MSY once.

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These are some amazing pictures!!!

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Wowza! Incredible pics!

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Thank you guys!

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Wow! That is awesome! Very nice photos! 🤩

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Absolutely fantastic pictures and such a cool opportunity! Do you have a picture where you can see how the wing/winglet looks a bit better as this would really interest me?

Thanks for sharing!

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Absolutely stunning photos!

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Wow, the luck and amazing quality of photos makes this AMAZING!

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oooh a tRiJeT 737

Seriously though, awesome shots!

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Thanks! I have this which I didn’t post because of that awful lens flare but it’s the best I got.

Also got this (the following morning)

Thank you!

The luck did most of the work. I was just there to capture the moment. Thank you!

I mean, technically the 737 is a twin-jet 727 but yeah haha. Thank you!



That’s absolutely fine. Just didn’t recall that the B727 had winglets, so this kind of picture was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!


Great photos!! My dad flew the 727 for delta back in the day!!

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That’s amazing! Such a great classic aircraft.

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Some of the best pictures I’ve seen in some time!

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Why are your pictures so good 😂

Great shots once again!

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Amazing photos! I wish I could see one of them irl

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These are amazing! I have the pleasure of seeing a retired FedEx 727 every time I pass Merrill Field

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Wow I think that these are your best shots I have ever seen! These shots are absolutely incredible!

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Great photos as always!

Did you happen to shoot anything at ƒ/1.8 with that lens? I’m assuming you shot the above photos at a higher aperture based off the starburst - and since you had a tripod on you.

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