Airside trip at Manchester

Hello everyone ! Here today I’m at Manchester for a airside tour around the runway’s & terminals. You meet me at T3 carpark on sunny Thursday morning as we head to meet our tour guide.

With going through security and health & safety we walk to our vehicle which will be taking us on our journey.

As we start we drive past this rather abandoned Etihad 787-10 which was parked overnight from its late night arrival from Abu Dhabi.

We now head to the main maintenance hanger where we see a Virgin Atlantic A330 which has had a heavy maintenance.

Kindly enough the engineers let me on and I managed to capture this wing shot.

I’m now intrigued with the maintenance side of aviation so I asked if we could check out the JET2 hanger & with a surprise we see this JET2 757 parked outside which had just recently received a new cabin interior.

Skipping a few hours ahead we have our lunch break at the side of 23L when we hear on the radio a PAN PAN PAN from a Singapore A350 landing from Houston. It was assumed the flaps weren’t able to retract resulting a no flap landing.

A passenger I personally know captured a wing view picture which I can also see myself which is some sort of cool I guess?!


Thank you for watching hope you enjoyed!

I also apologise for the lack of photos this is my first time doing this type of topic but will improve in the future ✌🏽.


Oh wow first time saw a topic like that! Incredible and original!




Wow! Nice job! Very unique.

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