Airside Tour at Cotswold Airport with Air Salvage International

I was looking through some old photos and I found these from around the same time last year. I took part in the 2016 Cotswold Airport Aviation Scholarship and as part of this, we took an airside tour with Air Salvage International, a company that scraps old aircraft to sell the parts, which are often more valuable than the aircraft itself! The vast majority are owned by major banks and leased to airlines, when the lease ends, the banks often scrap the aircraft instead of finding a new lessor.

We had a quick look in their hangars where some Ex Finnair ERJs were being scrapped before heading to over to the “Belfast Apron” to see the graveyard of scrapped airliners! Then back to the hangars to check out a historic private 727! Enjoy the pictures :)

Ex Finnair Embraer ERJ-170STD (ERJ-170-100) aircraft OH-LEK & OH-LEI. Notices all the titles and registration number have been covered over. They strip the landing gear, engines, avionics systems and interior to be sold or used on other company aircraft.

Silkair Airbus A319-132 9V-SBD has seen better days

Ex Saudia (now Air Atlanta Icelandic) Boeing 747-481 TF-AMS seen before the tour

Her engines, avionics, cockpit and interior have been stripped out

Ex British Airways Boeing 767-336(ER) seen before the tour

The shell of an Ex Alitalia Airbus A321-112 EI-IXF

Ex Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus A340-311 4R-ADA. Her cockpit and forward section were cut off late last year and transferred to Bournemouth to be used as a Cabin Crew Trainer

Ex Air Contractors Airbus A300B4-203(F) EI-OZI is one of the oldest aircraft at the Belfast Apron

Another Ex Saudia 747, TF-AMT

An example of how much of the A320 cockpit can be reused or sold on

Apollo Aviation Group Airbus A319-112 N303SF Ex China Eastern Airlines B-2332

Not much left of Ex TAM Linhas Aéreas Airbus A319-132 PT-MZD

The tails of Apollo Aviation Group Boeing 737-7Q8 N216AP Ex Shanghai Airlines B-2632 & Ex Monarch Airlines Boeing 757-2T7 G-DAJB

The noses of Apollo Aviation Group Boeing 737-7Q8 N216AP Ex Shanghai Airlines B-2632 & Smartlynx Airbus A320-211 YL-LCA Ex Travel Service

Smartlynx Airbus A320-211 YL-LCA Ex Travel Service before and during the tour

Ex Jet2 Boeing 737-377 G-CELB

Privately Owned (by Air Salvage International) Boeing 727-046 VP-CMN with a VIP Interior

VIP Interior

Thanks if you made it this far! All taken with a Canon SX510 HS


I thought 9V-SBD is currently stored at Changi. It’s sad to see those SLK A319s go… (They only have 3 now)

Fun Fact : SLK’s A319 in Infinite Flight uses 9V-SBD as the registration

Btw as always, your spotting images are awesome 😆 ! Thanks for sharing your amazing photos with us 😊

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Massive thanks mate! :) And I didn’t know about that links, pretty cool. 9V-SBD is the aircraft pictured it was wfu 09.11.15, std at EGBP 08.12.15. Scrapped in May 2016 at EGBP.

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