Airside at APA | 4/11/21

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Welcome back to another spotting topic. Today’s topic brings us airside at KAPA for some military action. Two Growlers spent the weekend here and left on Sunday morning. I was fortunate and grateful to be able to have a friend take me airside to get some pictures of these two EA18-G growlers before they headed out. Also got a few pictures of a DAC E145 and a Falcon 7x.

These first 3 pictures are of VX-31 Dust Devils sitting on the ramp and during takeoff. These things are so loud, my ears were ringing for a solid 20 minutes.

Now these next few are just various pictures of VX-31 Dust Devils sitting on the ground at APA and during takeoff. These two planes used callsign “CUSTER 15” flight of 2.

Next we have a Dassault Flacon 7X with a very early rotation out of APA.

Finally we end it off with a Denver Air Connection E145 departing out of APA heading up north to Minneapolis.

Camera Body: Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm & Canon 18-55mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop


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this one be looking good

Sexy growlers 🥰

Amazing shots!

Stunning fighter shots, I don’t know why half the time when I look at anyones including mine, they look bland and the colors are weird but you made them look amazing!

also oatmeal

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Last time I went to APA, I saw fighters and a DL connection E145, which is now that exact E145 you saw! strange connections we have always continue lol

great photos as always!

Tyler got that r🅰️mp 🅰️ccess from Matthew 🎉🎉🎉

Great shots Tyler!

Great photos!!

Whose that?

Thank you!

Thank you!


Thank you! We have an unnecessarily amount of things in common

Thank you!!


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