[AIRSHOW] RAF Fairford Air Tattoo Event @EGVA - 20/211400ZJUL19

Sign me up please on Charlie 7

I want to showcase a Classsic 747 is it ok? @Ben_W

Charlie 7 Saturday and Sunday 20/21st July 2019! See you in the Air!

RAF Fairford Air Tattoo 2019 Event

Their are still 7 Display slots available! Get them quick!

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Group Displays And Solo Displays Are Available!

Any Aircraft at any Time!

Can i take any slots for a Herc display and Spitfire display. both days

CHARLIE 4 Hercules is yours! See you in the air! Looking forward to it!

CHARLIE 6 is your for the Spitfire Display! See you in the air!

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Thanks @Ben_W

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@Vidal99977 I have changed your time slot to CHARLIE 10 due to another display taking up 2 slots! Hope this still works out! Sorry for the change in time!

Ah it’s ok @Ben_W . Btw, the 747 is too big for Charlie 10, so should I just taxi to it?

RAF Fairford Air Tattoo Event 2019


Only 2 (10 Minutes) Spaces Left for Saturday 20th July 2019
Only 3 (10 Minutes) Spaces Left for Sunday 21st July 2019

Could be taken if both days are requested! Be quick!

Park at a gate which can hold 747, taxi to CHARLIE 10? Or travel from nearest capable airport maybe Heathrow, and then park at CHARLIE 10

Wait could I say i want Charlie 10 and then say any aircraft I want for display? I am confusion lol

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Yes correct, and also if you want to do Saturday or Sunday, or both days!

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I’ll take Charlie 5 for Saturday and Sunday in a C-130J RAF 50th Anniversary, I can take off at the nearest airport and land if possible? Then taxi to Charlie 5.

CHARLIE 5 is yours! And please land at EGVA before 1400Z for both days!

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Can I flyfor both days?

I wil take any spot for an F-16 demonstration.

Do we need a special callsign?

Callsign are up to you, make it realistic though. And yes, your put down for both days.