Airshow madness farnborough

Airshow Farnborough here is the event we will have companies house liveries and etc aka Embraer etc we will allow the A380 and A350-900 4 of them for the event if you want to sign up let me know plane company / airline and stunts you wish to do we are on the expert server


AIB388 / Airbus 388 A380-800 @AirbusFan35
AIB359 / Airbus 359 A350-900 @AirbusFan35
AIB389 / Airbus 389 A380-800 @MAviationYT

end of spots


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I’ll join the show

Can I take an A380 as well in the house livery. I could try a vertical takeoff and some bank turns maybe

Sure man……………….

why are there so many dots after that?

lmao fr though

His sentence was short of 10 characters that’s why! :)


go for it man

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why EXPERT??? should this be on the causal server your guys are getting violations

no we are skilled

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Ok sure then

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