Airshow Event?

I’m proposing if the community could do an airshow. This can be done on the causal server because…

  1. No one hardly uses it
  2. No rules that can be violated
  3. No ATC needed.
  4. Everyone can join in as it’s on the causal server.
  5. The event could be held at Avalon Airport (YMAV) hence no one flies around Australia and Avalon Airport is used for the Australian international airshow.
  6. Brilliant way to show off your skills in any plane.
  7. Brilliant for youtubers who want to have some fun whilst flying and an excellent way to show the game off to the public.

That’s just a fraction of many reasons that this is a brilliant idea and I’m surprised by no one has done this before in infinite flight.

Finally I would have organised this but due to I’m tl1 and I need to be tl2 to make an event I can’t so this is my next best option.


Hey there,

This has been done in the past, and in fact there were even virtual organizations built for this very purpose at one stage. There are some pretty skilled people in the community pulling off some very cool stunts, I agree that it would be great to see these kinds of things come back!


Oh wow! I must admit I joined too late I joined last year 1 year ago next month which reminds me I need to pay for my subscription!


Let me know if you want to set one up sometime, I would love to help you - I’ve been think about one too - and know a few folks who can bring some serious talent and stunts.



If you like you could create a group flight in #live:groupflights - just make sure you read the guidelines for the category carefully, before you start making your post :)

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Mate your a legend! I’ll post something tomorrow when I get home from school!

Edit: are you sure an airshow would be allowed under #live:groupflights and not the event page?

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Yup! Only thing is group flights can be posted a maximum of 3 hours in advance, unlike events which are allowed to be posted 30 days in advance.

Just follow the guidelines and you should be fine :)

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Ah right so that’s the difference maximum amount of time is 3hrs for a group flight and 30days for an event.

You guys did recognise us!! IF-VAC will make a return one day when IF can better the running of an airshow event!!

But yes, there have been many airshows held in the community over the years. Just type in Airshow in the search bar and you will find many events. Many of which were held and run by GAF (Global Air Forces) and VAC (Virtual Air Show Council) I was one of the founding members alongside a few of my best friends here at IF

If you want help then feel free to reach out!!

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Yup! That’s the main difference.

Also there can be no “gate assignments”, or any affiliations to a particular VA/VO for group flights - it’s a free-for-all. And of course, group flights can be created by all IFC users, not just TL2 and above.

For more information, read the category rules for #live:groupflights here:

Certainly a great idea , definitely up for it

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