Would really like to see some airships (e.g. zeppelin, blimp, etc.) in the simulator!


(Not my photo. Credits go to):


It says it can perform normal takeoffs and landings, I wonder how much runway one of these things need?
You could get a lot of XP with one of those though.

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LOL if this gets added, all you’ll see is blimps everywhere😂


ATC to B737 pilot: “mantain slowest practical speed”.
ATC to zeppelin pilot: “mantain best forward speed”.


Well, in the link I posted, the video says that the airship that’s currently being worked on can land where planes wouldn’t usually land.

Not sure if it goes to all airships, though?

If, however true, then its like this;

B737: Lands smooth, gets 154 XP.
Airship: Lands smooth, gets 2678 XP.


Goes to KNUC, sees a a380
ATC to a380 " go around 30 times, then enter straight in"


Go check 64CL in SoCal

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Awesome idea! I love airships. The only negative thing & no I’m not complaining (just trying to be realistic & have the point of view for making Infinite Flight as realistic as possible) [if the airship(s)] were ever added is: they are restricted to the smaller airports. BUT in turn that would HEAVILY PROMOTE use of the smaller airports 😉 I used to live about 20 minutes from a local airport & they’d have at least a couple of blimps fly in & out of there every month. It was a municipal airport. I’m basically certain they are NOT allowed at a majority of airports & the airspace is heavily restricted–for the use of airships, they’re slow & clog up the airspace & commercial aviation…I know of a pilot before 9/11 & it was difficult enough to fly around in a (blimp) after 9/11 especially in bigger cities it’s very difficult now. But please don’t let this take away the passion for wanting an airship(s) in Infinite Flight, because I’d really like to have that feature of flying an airship in Infinite Flight myself 😉

Airships is a great addition to infinite flight!


I will always see Joe missin’ with it

We need the Good Year blimp, other than that I don’t know much about airships:-(

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It will be called Infinite Blimp Simulator:-D