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Just got a quick a question I have been using the Flyboys knee board since PPL and am now nearly finished CPL and about to start Instrument flight. However I have not been able to get either the Ersa pages or the DAPS pages into the plastic sleeves which were provided and have just been putting the loose leaf print out on clip board with custom made nav plans on top. Although I have found that it can get messy with lots of pages every where and was just wondering if any one knows of some clear sleeves which will hold the ERSA and DAPS pages with the flyboys knee board.

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Hi there! I think this question would be best suited for your flight instructor.


Well, this is an odd question, but I’ll do my best.

Have you tried sticking your hand in the plastic sleeves and opening/closing your fist (to expand the sleeve as much as possible)? Have you tried bending the paper just a bit?

Perhaps you could visit your local office supply store and buy some yourself, they shouldn’t be too expensive.

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CPL before instrument rating? Interesting. Still a student pilot so don’t know the answer, prob ask your flight instructor. But just curious, why CPL before instrument?

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