AirSerbia Airbus A330-200 (Nikola Tesla Livery) YU-ARB


AirSerbia has just leased their second Airbus A330-200 for its service to New York JFK, their only long-haul route.
This A330 features Nikola Tesla, a famous inventor (known for inventing the first AC motor), on the tail and it will replace the current A330 (YU-ARA) that is featuring a special livery as well.
Look at the details and the different shades used by Air Serbia!

As we currently don’t have AirSerbia in the sim yet, I think that this A330 would be a perfect addition!
Drop a comment and tell me what you think about this gorgeous paint scheme and vote for it if you like it!

actually very cool


Really sad that the A330 rework only features the -300 version ;(


Really nice livery! Got my vote!

You have my vote :)

The -200 would be an unexpected but super great news indeed! Hopefully they will add it in the future and AirSerbia needs to be on the list.


Thank you for your vote!
Every time I look at that photo I get amazed by how beautiful is it! Great job by Air Serbia for sure!

Thank you! Hopefully it will be soon added! Finger crossed for this beauty!

I didn’t know Air Serbia before, but this livery made me want to fly with it ! I think the Airbus A330-200 will arrive one day but probably after the rework of several other planes … but it would really be a good addition :D

Ill try to free up a vote for this livery!

We need this livery!

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Giving this topic a deserved bump!

YU-ARB has now officially replaced its sister ship, YU-ARA in the Air Serbia fleet, as ARA is now on its way back to EY in Abu Dhabi.

ARB should depart on its first flight in two days, on April 29th, flying from LYBE to KJFK of course.

Seeing as this is a really unique and cool livery, i think we have a hope of seeing it when the -200 rework comes along!