Hello community

Can someone give me a list of the airports that are being develop for the global flight.


Hopefully the words Global Flight will give us all the airports! But we don’t know all the airports that are coming out.


All 27000 airports :) list is very big.


Current Issues list :)

Sorry @gea, here’s the correct link :)


Check the link! :)


ALL! 😂
At least that’s my intention. I might go mad…


Thanks but when i click the link it appears a error 404 not found

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Open it on a computer, issues only show on a PC

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Actually, I can view it on my iPad and iPhone just fine.


I cannot view the link. It says error 404 not found

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Well, I can assure you that you would be pleased with what that list has on it. We are working as hard and as fast as possible to get every possible airport up to standards for the big day. Take a look at this thread to request an airport that you want us to do, and we will add it to our Community request milestone. Airport Editing Global User Suggestions List

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Only if you click desktop version


No, not yet, in the near or distant future :)

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If you are referring to 3D buildings, then no. Not currently, but hopefully one day! :)

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You cannot access the other list because you are not an editor

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WOW I can’t wait!

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So in that list i csnt the airport i want the editors to edit. I ttied but im not able to…

Thanks fornthe link. So in this link you gave me arr all the airports that are already completed and ready for a upcoming global flight?

I will work in Mid-July on these Airports:-

  1. Queen Alia Int’l Airport (AMM, OJAI)
  1. King Hussien Intl Airport (AQJ, OJAQ)
  2. Amman Civil Airport (ADJ, OJAM)
  3. Abu Dhabi Intl Airport (AUH, OMAA)
  4. Sir Bani Yas Airport( XSB, OMBY )
  5. Buhasa Airport(Jebel Dhanna) (n/a, OMAJ)
  6. Delma Island Airport (ZDY, OMDL)
  7. Al Hamra Airport
    more soon

Very cool do you k ow if someone is working in LEMD?