Airports with taxiway lights

Is there a complete list of airports that have the new airport lighting/taxiway lights? Do all or most airports have taxiway lights? Or only 3D airports? A list of all the airports with taxiways lights would be nice.
Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Im not to sure if there is

If I were to assume, I think all airports have taxiway lights. I’ve flown into multiple non-3D airports that have this feature. Correct me if I’m wrong :)


Yeah im pretty sure every airport has the feature

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Most of the international airports & smaller airports have this feature

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All airports have taxiway lights. What you might not see at some airports is approach lights, which might not be enabled. But they usually are. It doesn’t have to do with the 3D part.

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When editors edits an airport he declare if the taxiway line have lights. That also goes to airports that were edited before the “3D Era”. Thats means that every airport that was ever edited (even 2d edits) which is most airprts, if they have taxiway lights in real life, they will have them in game as well

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Thank you everyone for your insights. So from what I’m hearing most (if not all) airports (that would have them irl) have taxiways lights, regardless of 3D status.

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Yes, Correct!

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