Airports with Snowy Terrain

Quick inquiry, does anyone know any airports on any continent besides Antarctica in IF with snowy terrain? I find it hard to see since the sun isn’t fully risen at Noon in Antarctica especially ingame. Would be geat help if you can drop some suggestions for me !

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Alaska is gold for snow.
Just ask @anon93248082


Don’t think it’ll have the same effect as snow as in the slipperiness.

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Is Barrow included in the game as well?

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Yep. All of alaska is there
(hence the name “global”)


Okay thanks and do you know any other ones besides Alaska?

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There’s probably a few in Russia

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Basically anywhere with mountains…


Every airport (that’s public) is on game in alaska besides DM2 which is a helipad


Oh okay, thanks ! I wasn’t really familiar with the Alaskan region due to the fact that I mostly fly in the Caribbean region on global :)

Fun Fact: In solo, if you change the date to February, you can actually see (in the South Pole)

You learn something new everyday ;)


Also Utqiaġvik (Barrow$ is in game

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Okay, I’ll definitely check it out !

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What? not me? I live to roll in the snow.

I’d recommend Greenland, as most of it is snow


Do you know what date I should set it to? I spawned at the main airport of Greenland (Kangerlussaq) but it was actual green land (no pun intended)

I don’t think it matters what date, as the same satellite imagery is in effect throughout the year (as far as I know)


Oh okay, I’ll try again later

Fun fact:

snow is not rendered in IF

So you search is useless, as it renders as concrete /grass runway

Edit: some pics



How it renders.

! Important ! IFAET can't do anything for this

It's Val's code 🤷‍♂️
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