Airports with short runways in IF

What are some airports with short runways in IF. Feel free to post photos/videos of the runways. Thanks :)

Bara Airport in the Caribbean is the shortest runway in IF. St Maarten Airport is hard(ish) to land Heavies on.

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WMBT or Pulua Tioman in the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur region is pretty small, and it has a great approach.

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There was one in Florida that was 200ft I think…

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Probably London City (EGLC / LCY)
Very hard to land if you approach properly.
Biggest plane allowed is an A318.

Another suggestion is
John A. Osborne Airport on Monsterrat (Caribbean)
only 1 runway with 600m (~1800ft), but beautiful approach from the sea on both sides (especially at sunset).
I’d suggest taking an C172, C208 or Cirrus SR25 and making an island hop from Saba to Monsterrat and back, well worth it.


I’ve done it before, I’m probably going to host an event there soon.

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Judging the descent can make it challenging.

Saba in the Caribbean has the shortest commercial runway in the world.

There are shorter runways in IF that are actually heliports. One example is Bjerwitz Hospital in the Netherlands.

Thank you all for your feedback :) It is greatly appreciated

Ay? What you on about? (lol)

EGLC’s descent seems to be no steeper than the one of other airports, at least in my game.

EHBX. Can you beat the good old helipad?


The glidescope was done wrong. It’s being fixed. You have to use the lights beside the runway to tell.

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I thought it had been fixed already. How can I tell the glideslope from the runway lights.

If the glideslope for normal airports is of 3°, and the formula for the top of descent is cruise minus target altitude, result devided by 300, does it mean that for EGLC is devided by 550?

It sounds right. :/ All I know is that it has a 5.5 degree glidescope.

The PAPI lights should be: one white, one red. Double red: too low. Double white: too high. The glidescope is different.

I always flight at noon, so I didn’t know that. I should try a night flight.

KVNC in southern Florida, Venice Municipal Airport.