Airports with scenic mountains

I’ve tried Kathmandu :) It was amazing.

Do you have any suggestions for a mountain airport that can hold large aircraft? At least share a route that flies over very scenic scenery. Thank you!

-CsG :)

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Best Scenic Routes In The World

Check out this thread here


Also check this out, plenty of scenic ones here.

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Your missing out. Go to geneva😉


That one is pretty outdated.

This one is the newer one.

Not really a place that holds “big” planes persay, but I’m gonna shamelessly plug Jackson Hole here. Beautiful place to fly about! @Helmethead flew around recently and posted some great pictures of the scenery there!





Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) is a stunning airport. Nestled in a bay surrounded by snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and if you fly just south of it, beautiful teal water. It’s an amazing place to fly in IF. You can also look at PAGS, PASI, PAKT, and 7AK2. All amazing places to go for scenery in the beautiful Alaska.

Castlegar, British Columbia, is a town with an airport called West Kootenay Regional Airport (CYCG) in the Canadian Rockies. Very well known for its challenging approach through a mountainous valley that requires flying straight into a mountain on left base before turning final right before hitting it. Even the departing out of there requires a lot of power or an immediate left turn to escape through the valley.

It’s runway is only 5,262 x 150ft though so nothing larger than a 737 or C-130 can get in and out of there.

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And…we can’t use the search bar whatsoever? Not every inquiry of yours has to be a topic. Click the magnifying glass in the top right, search “scenic”, and boom, you have plenty of previous topics, databases, even #screenshots-and-videos topics highlighting these scenic places. It’s not that hard, is it? It’s getting repetitive.


Los Angeles International Los Angeles CA
Palm Springs International Palm Springs CA
McCarran International Airport Las Vegas NV
Denver International Airport Denver CO
Daniel K Inouye International Airport Honolulu Hawaii
Hilo International Hawaii
Anchorage Ted Steven Airport Anchorage Alaska
Eagle Vail Airport Vail CO
Aspen Pitkin Aspen CO
Salt Lake City Airport Utah
Calgary Airport Alberta Canada
Vancouver Airport British Columbia Canada
Other countries
Courchvel Airport France
Gibraltar Airport Spain
Lukula Airport Nepal located in the Himalayas
Just to name a few that I know

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Denpasar, Bali (WADD) has some nice surrounding mountains, specifically a large beautiful one that hoves into view soon after departure, best enjoyed when climbing and banking towards it - Indonesia as a whole as well, if you fancy cruising and exploring ⛰️

Try, Sion LSGS, Samedan LSZS, Innsbruck LOWI, and Klagenfurt LOWK 😉.

Salt Lake City USA (KSLC), Santiago Chile (SCEL), Leh India (VILH), Christchurch NZ (NZCH) (if you head to the west), Queenstown NZ (NZQN), La Paz Bolivia (SLLP)

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Try OPSD. Fly to OPIS. Amazing scenery

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KBOI, 2U7, KMYL, U88.
Check the topic linked below for more info.

Project Idaho

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