Airports with red dots?

Can someone please tell me what the coloured dots on the airports mean? It’s new in Global, and my destination airport is currently coloured red.

Red dot on the airport means you’re a fool if you attempt a landing in that visibility

Seriously, don’t land at those airports, the visibility is too low, I’ve tried landings at WSSS in 100m visibility, it is not a good idea


It’s the weather. Red means low, or extremely low visibility.

So it’s visibility related? I thought fog was gone in Global…

Fog isn’t gone in global, it is better than ever before, we now have low lying fog and upper altitudes have no fog, it has been completed overhauled to look better.

Anyway I suggest diverting to an airport with no red dot. If there is no airport near you with good visibility, then I don’t know, you may have to attempt a landing.

Whats this btw?

It must be a frog :>


Thanks for covering this everyone! Cheers