Airports with long runways

What a an airport with a very long runway with a close point to spawn?

KEDW in California has the world longest runway.

Also from Wikipedia here’s the top 3 longest runways for commercial service.

Airport name Country Length (m) Length (ft)
Qamdo Bamda Airport China 5,500 18,045
Zhukovsky International Airport Russia 5,402 17,723
Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport Russia 5,000 16,404

The high-elevation airports usually have longer runways than the ones at or near sea level as they have to compensate for low air density, which planes need more speed and lift to takeoff from.

FAOR has pretty long runways.

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Is there a spawn point close to them?

JFK runway 13R-31L is more than 16000ft long

DEN runway 34L-16R is more than 16000ft as well I think

Sorry I made a mistake, the airport is FYVK

Here are some images:


That’s not even an airport if ever I seen one


That’s is the most wide and square looking runway I’ve ever seen

You are certainly welcome to open the app and look to see if it satisfies your need for a lack of taxi time sufficiently.


EGNV is the best

This is not true. Runway 13R/31L is 14,500 feet long :)

Cant go wrong with KDEN but there are longer ones.

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