Airports with circling approaches

Besides Innsbruck, Calvi, Ajaccio and Madeira, what airports have circling approaches? I’d be interested in flying to those airports.

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toncontin airport in tegulacipa

I’m pretty sure Quito, Ecuador might have one, it’s also featured tomorrow

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Can confirm from a native perspective. The approach to 36 has you flying over mountains and at fast speeds

Cuzco approach is almost like Quito except it’s much higher and the turns are tighter. For Europe I think Salzburg, Austria is a good one. The approach for runway 33 in particular is visual and requires a hard right bank pretty close to the runway

EDIT: Another airport in Ecuador that offers a circling approach is Cuenca (SECU) for runway 5. You need to fly over north of the city on left downwind and make a tight turn to align towards the runway just before the mountains. There’s no ILS for 5 but there is for 23.

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That sounds fun, can’t wait to fly from Miami tomorrow

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If you want to get technical, pretty much all instrument approaches to any airport have circling minima, meaning if weather meets those minimums (you/the plane meet a variety of other requirements) you can break off from the approach and maneuver to land on a different runway. Here’s an overview:

I recommend KTRK and KSBS for circling approaches.

KTRK is just north of Lake Tahoe, and has 3 RNAV approaches. Two are runway-specific (taking you to runway 11 or runway 20 but with a 15°+ offset final approach course), and the third is a GPS-A approach, meaning it’s circling only.

KSBS is surrounded by mountain in Colorado. Both the RNAV and VOR/DME approaches are circling only because of how steep they sure — 7° or more glideslope to get in.

Please note these are small airports, try these approaches in a TBM or something smaller


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