Airports with ATC

Lots of airports in the training server are often empty with planes and no ATC. Most of the airports that people go to are KLAX,KJFK,EGLL, and KSFO. Why are people using those airports instead of other airports like KBOS?

Because those are airports that usually have incoming traffic. That’s why.

Go control KPHL or WIII for example, for an hour then report back. You’ll have your answer when your done.

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Normally the reason for this is because the airports were avaibale before Global, so they natually continued to use those airports

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Airports like KBOS, KBOI, KTUL, KMEM, KPIT, and sadly my home airport KSJC located not far south from KSFO are not known to many people IRL or in Infinite Flight. In real life, these airports are pretty packed with flights.

In Infinite Flight, KSFO, VHHH, KLAX, KJFK, are the more popular ones because of their real-life counterparts.

Let’s compare KSFO with my home airport KSJC:
KSFO gets around 50 million passengers annually while KSJC gets only about 10-15 million people a year. If you were to live in a country other than the United States, no one would know what you are talking about when you mention KSJC. But when you mention KSFO, people would immediately know what you are talking about.

Why does this happen?
KSFO is located in California’s Bay Area in South San Francisco, California. San Franciso, California is known for its wide variety of attractions like downtown San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, etc. This makes San Francisco a popular tourist destination and for tourists who want to explore San Francisco, KSFO would be a convenient airport to fly to. No one would fly to KSJC and have to drive 45 minutes to an hour (sometimes even 2 hours) north just to see San Francisco.

What about KLAX?
KLAX is a large airport located in SoCal, Southern California. The city of Los Angeles, California is also a popular tourist destination in real life. The city is known for celebrities (Hollywood), Disney Land, Universal Studios, its beautiful beaches, etc. If you were to live in a different country, you would pretty much recognize KLAX pretty easily (in most cases as there are people who know nothing about the US), but you wouldn’t recognize as easily an airport like KONT or KSNA even though they are not far from KLAX.


Airports like KSFO, KJFK, KLAX, VHHH, FACT, KMIA, etc are popular in Infinite Flight and real life because most likely the area around the airports are popular tourist destinations.


It is most likely due to the fact a majority of the population knows what LAX and JFK are, they are 2 of the most famous airports in the world, so people are naturally drawn to them. Also, there are usually other aircraft there, making it more fun and realistic. They spent $10, $50, or $80 dollars to fly with other people, so that’s what there going to do. Once you get to the expert server, people tend to drop those habits, and learn to spread out, and go where the ATC goes, but if the ATC stays in one place, then they will stay there! So what probably would be the best way to get more people to get to other airports is to provide some ATC there and/or host an event there.

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CLT NEEDS MORE!! And tampa

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