Airports with ATC miscolouring


I have another issue to report. The issue is that when you depart from an airport with ATC, and fly enough distance away from it, when that ATC leaves, the airport will still be coloured green until zoomed in closer. Some images to explain what I mean:

FIG 1: (The airport is written in green text to indicate the presence of ATC, when there is no ATC active. Zoomed out)

FIG 2: (When zooming in closer to the airport, it changes colour to white to indicate that ATC is no longer present)

As you can see, if you’re zoomed quite far out the airport will be coloured in green when it shouldn’t be as there is no ATC present, whereas when you zoom on to the airport, it changes to white how it should be.

I’ve noticed this happen two or three times on long-haul flights.

The problem could be is that the Tower ATC told me to contact the Departure frequency when there wasn’t one, so when I pressed “REPLY & SWITCH”, I changed to the departure frequency without a controller being there. I could still send requests like altitude change, check in etc.

Device issue occurred on:

  • iPad Pro 12,9” (iOS 12.0)



Absolutely zero requirement to tag Levet.

Can you recreate this?

I messaged him on IFATC slack, he asked me to tag him.

This, like my previous issue, seems to happen at random times. The only thing I can think of that’s causing it is the issue I outlined in the thread (with departure freq). It’s quite hard to attempt to reproduce in the first place as you need a group of people to reproduce it with (and I doubt I can find many people who are dedicated to help to reproduce the issue). Hopefully the issue could be passed on to the BETA team who then can reproduce it with more resources available.

Thanks for the report, we will look into it.

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