Airports with a dirt runway

Hello community! Does anyone know any airports that have a ”Dirt Runway” in infinite flight because I think it would be fun to fly to one of those airports.

Thank you all in advance!

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KEDW has quite a few dirt runways :)


Yes I know about that one already :) any other?

Connecticut should have some l

It depends. There are quite a few. But do you mean it’d be fun to take your 777 there, or your C208?


Something small like a C208 or a 172

I don’t know any specific airport names off the top of my head but there’s a good amount in scattered ones around Africa.

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Military airports? Seen some on Chinese and Russian regions.

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Not military airports

Lots in Alaska

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I usually only fly at commercial airports so I don’t know too many. There is a airplane graveyard in the US with a dirt runway. I don’t know the ICAO or name but that would just be a quick Google :)

Try South Africa too.

UWUU (Ufa, Russia) has 2 tiny intersecting dirt runways. Probably really fun to fly some patterns there!


Off topic… The length of the runway in Russia… Mind blowing!

The Midwest has plenty. Just go to any uncontrolled airport and it is likely you’ll find one. I think Geneva has one I could be wrong though.

I’d say we have roughly 6,000 to choose from.
Have fun

Wow thanks everyone for all the replies! I will try to find a few.

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3X1 is a grass runway. It is “Antiquers Aerodrome” - it is actually private but it is a gated community where everyone lives in houses off of the strip.

CIA Factbook gives numbers of unpaved by country, by doesn’t list them.

I was able to find pages like this (I’m sure you can find other states), which specifies if they’re unpaved and lists them, but unpaved is as deep as they get. It could be grass for most of them:

I would just fire up the google machine from there and see if you can find a listing.

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Thank you I will definitely check it out