Airports that require backtaxi

Good day! So I am planning on doing my written IFATC Test tomorrow but I wanted to train a bit on a backtaxi and single runway airport that’s not London City , which isn’t busy and allows airplane to fly pattern. I would appreciate suggestions! Thanks

TNCM requires backtaxi

NZDN is a good one for GA if that’s what you are doing

LMML has a back taxi for RWY31 for larger planes, so that could be an option.

Fits pretty well. I am only worried about the terrain

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Since I don’t know if potential people will come in ga aircraft or not I think it’s too small but I will consider taking it anyways

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That’s pretty much the perfect Airport for my purpose! Thanks for that. It fits perfectly because it has the back taxi, a long runway and no terrain. Great recommendation!

Hey bro, I might do the IFATC written tomorrow as well, airports that require back taxiing usually doesn’t have a parallel taxiway to the runway, so you can easily tell

Yeah I know but it’s just hard to find one

Good luck with your test thinking of doing one myself best of luck

Thank you mate

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Why don’t you open in TNCM and practice back taxi

I will open today in LMML like suggested by @JulianB because it fits the best the requirements

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Might drop in to the airport :)

I will notify you if I open there

Want me to do traffic patterns as well?

Annotation 2020-04-08 120317
Here’s a fragment of the IFATC manual, if you’ve any questions about this or anything else IFATC related, I’m very happy to help. Good luck on your IFATC written tomorrow, use a pen and paper to draw out situations.
Once again, I’m open to ALL questions you have about IFATC and the training/recruitment process.

Good luck tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see you in the IFATC slack:)

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Thanks for being supportive! I really appreciate your help! I will definitely ask if a question occurs in my mind @Rian_OShea

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I would love to! Here is the link to my ATC thread: Maximilian1805's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @[N/A - Practical PASSED

Set or bookmark or something so you will be notified

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