Airports that have issues

< if you have also experienced issues with airports please list airport name and code down, it would be a please if IF can look into it.

My case would be AYNZ - Nadzab Airport PNG

  • seems to have sunk into the ground.

#support -cheers


The airports are still in the process of being perfected. Perhaps this is a glitch on your end. Clear your scenery and reload the app. Be sure to try everything you can before contacting a dev or the IFC. But thank you for the alert!

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Clearing scenery cache doesn’t help with the elevations of each airport in IF. That is only fixed on IFAET’s end manually on each individual airport.

Nonetheless, I’ve let the team know.


Hello @Bravo2 thanks for noticing.
AYNZ Lae Nadzab Airport is not edited by IFAET yet. It is one of many autogenerated airports in our database.
I will have a look at the airfield elevation later and fix this if possible for next update.


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Just thought it would work as a strategy. Good to know.

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AYNZ elevation fixed, should be correct in next update.

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Thanks Tom 🙃🙌🏻