Airports, Terminals, ground staff?

So I’ve been really wondering and I know this is a hail marry buttttt. Will 3D airports/Terminal every be a thing in infinite flight? And maybe like missions or staff on ground that will pushback or fill tank, load luggage. Does anyone have a clue if they can do that? I have no experience with iOS so I’m not sure if that’s possible to do. (I’m more of a Java and HTML;PHP dev)

Also. Why doesnt infinite flight stop making so many planes, and events etc. and focus on making this cool stuff if it’s possible.

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Mobile devices can’t handel them that well. It will be implemented in the future when mobile devices have at least 4gb


I was doing a little research actually after that post. I found out that Aero 2 and xplane 10 have 3D buildings in their sims.

yeah but there are only 2 devs in IF so it will take a long time and 3D buildings need at least 2gb ram to run smoothly.

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Yes but we have much lager regions and live with ATC.
And there Will come Global flight


There are more devs

yeah but not 100 people like Aerofly and xplane

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I personally don’t like live that much. But, I was hoping 3D models for offline.

I don’t know howmany devs they have.

Hmm. Are they open source? Or anything like that. I wouldn’t mind helping our :p. But I do not have a lot of knowledge with iOS.

It don’t it Will come soon😔

No they aren’t and I believe that they will not be hiring any people for a while.

Id do it free. I love this app. It’s good, just missing features that will take the gold medal. Little things make a difference.

Are these things feature requests?

It isn’t it’s just asking a question.

It was a question if it was possible. If it was then yes it’s a request

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Okay thanks

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This has been discussed before. Essentially many devices cannot handle 3D objects well enough to warrant their addition yet (: