Airports queue( Follow The Arrow)

I want to make a suggestion of making the queue for take off more realistic.


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Solution 1: is the ground controller to do their job properly.

Solution 2: is to introduce the “Follow the arrows” like the picture shown above and in real world, to stop all of the people who like to cut the queue, and making others to wait even longer.

Like having a taxiway map on the navigation or by putting arrows on the ground/taxiway towards the runway.

The controller will just have to press a button taxi to runway 2L, and the system will automatically put a route towards the runway and without cutting others queue, I know coding for this isn’t going to be easy, I prefer solution one, but this can be introduce in the future, thank you for reading.

Already requested, please use the Search function before making a post in the future please.



There are already many topics on taxi lights, please read before you post :).

Sorry about this, obviously the person of which told you to make this in the other post was not aware of the other feature requests. Go give the other one a vote!


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