Airports on Region boundary!

Seeing as the regions are rather small, limiting commercial routes, I’ve found it super annoying when the ONLY (correct me if I’m wrong) Southwest route I’ve found is Tampa/Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa Airport northern end is about half a mile from the region boundary! You can’t do any approach onto 19L or 19R, which seem to generally always be in use! You’re killing me! I have to stick with my inter-island Hawaiian routes and VFR in the SR22 I guess…

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i’m glad someone else noticed that…KAGS (Augusta Field) in Charlotte region…right on the very edge,also KPOB,KCMI,KWRI…and a few others

9L2 comes very close to the edge and IIRC, are there a couple runways at EDW that you cannot fly into?

Long live the DC-9!

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American Airlines operates between KTPA and KMIA with its 737-800s.
Compass Airlines (operating for Delta Air Lines) uses the Embrear E-170 for KLAX - KSAN and KSEA - KPDX.
Skywest operating for United uses the CRJ200 for the KLAX - KSAN and KLAX - KPSP.
There are two Alaska Airlines flights between KSEA and KPDX with a B738/B739.
The Embraer E-190 in the KLM livery is used between EHAM and EBBR, and EHAM and EDDL.
And the Caravan in the FedEx Express livery flys between KONT and KWJF.

These, the Southwest flight you mentioned and the Hawaiian inter island flights are the only real world scheduled routes I found in Infinite Flight.


It is limiting! I usually T/O from KTPA and have to bank hard to stay in bounds. Hard with a 777-300ER

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Didn’t the region boundaries get extended a while back? I’m pretty sure you should be able to fly normally now, even with the airports on the edge of a region.

I’ll double check Tampa tonight when I get home

United also operates the CRJ-200 between DEN-COS, DEN-ASE, DEN-MTJ, and DEN-GUC

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And United flies the CRJ-200 from ORD-MKE