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After the last two updates I’ve been having some issues with airport scenery loading in during my approach to an airport. I’m constantly clearing the scenery cache and have all my setting in the lower side. I have lost of space on my iPad since this is the only app on it. I’m just curious if there is any other tricks I should try. I have up loaded two pictures in the air and on the ground. Thanks

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Hi, check this:


Thank you!

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Meanwhile a solution to this issue is:

Once the issue happens, Settings > Graphics > Change your 3D Object Density to “Low” > Change it back to your current one

It should fix the issue if it happens again

Hope this helps :)


You can’t change that in flight though can you?

Yeah, unfortunately you can’t.

I believe you are able to change render quality or some other setting mid-flight and that has always fixed it for me while on approach.


Yeah doesn’t seem to do it for me unfortunately

I am having the same issues. Kind of frustrating when I’m on expert server and don’t know if I’m landing on the runway or the taxi way. I just done want any violations that’s all.


I know, it’s very frustrating. I hope they fix it soon.

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Yes same here. Just did a flight to a smaller airport and it didn’t even load. But I have noticed that all of the scenery shows up in replay mode.

I’ve had the same issue when landing in KMIA yesterday. I restarted my device and cleared also the scenery cache before the flight (MUHA-KMIA). It’s a really annoying issue…

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