Airports not showing

Hi there, I was approaching into MDPC but as I was nearing the airport didn’t appear. It is frustrating because it happened twice yesterday and once today.

Device: iPhone 13
Operating system: IOS 15



This is a known issue and staff are trying to figure out a solution. This happens from time to time, especially on very detailed airports. Investigation is ongoing for this and hopefully, it gets resolved soon!


Hi! I had this problem too:

The airport is YMML

I know you are investigating to fix the problem but I wanted to let you know.


Once again, I hope that you find a solution as soon as possible because it’s really frustrating

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That’s what it looked like for me when I was landing in Munich. Same weird texture, except the lines weren’t there


After a long time buildings finally decided to appear. I’m so happy and I guess the solution was setting all the graphic settings in high

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