Airports not showing

Hi there, so I was approaching into LAX when I realized there was no airport, it so frustrating because it happened twice, before the flight I cleared cache and I restarted the app and didn’t work.
Device: iPhone 13

Hello, maybe this will help…

Can you clarify a few additional details. How much available storage do you have? Was this on WiFi or Cellular service, even more important, we’re you close to your router or extender? What were your graphics settings?

I have 75,9 GB free on my cellphone, I had Wi-Fi perfectly working during all the flight and I have all the graphic settings on high, except 3D buildings, I have it on medium

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Hope this post helps you. Note that this can happen and this “technique” does not work, but in most cases it works for me!

Fly Safe!

Once again, second time at MIA

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