Airports not loading

Hello everyone I’m sure most of you guys have experience this before. You’re in final approach for a 3D airport and you can’t see nothing. Well same happens to me. To me it’s very annoying and I hope
Infinite flight developers take more attention to this issue. Below I will attach some photos of this issue that I’m sure most of you have experienced ? Anyone know why the airports don’t load ?

Had to go around at LAX since airport didn’t load. On the second attempt to land at LAX Via ILS 25L the Airport stoll didn’t load. I decided to try landing but when I thought I had the centerline I realized I landed off the runway. And it appears to be a good landing


We cannot see the pictures, make sure they upload completely before posting the topic, try again and I will try and help you

You can see what happened now

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I see your having trouble with Los Angeles. My only tip is to clear the scenery cache and possibly restart your device. I have also had issues with LAX not showing.
Here is a post from Declan_O

Thanks I guess it might me a storage issue. But last time I did lower the grafics and this time MIA didn’t load

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This has been happening to me a lot lately since the last update along with some crashes. Ever since the last update the sim just hasn’t been on my side

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