Airports not loading

This always seems to happen when I fly into EHAM the airport never loads. Clear scenery never works or anything. Why does this happen ![image|450x600](upload://w7i77G59IRm852ovzhxwxEvt8HP.jpeg)

What is your internet connection like? Having a stable internet connection is also crucial to scenery loading properly.

My internet is good most airports load it seems to happen when I fly into EHAM πŸ€”

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Have you tried restarting your device!

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The airport wants to disguise itself because it sees a Ryanair plane on final. EHAM just wants to not have it’s runway broken.


Have done all that also happened before the update to other people had the same problems at LAX and KSFO

This issue can be simply solved by a clear cashe/changing your graphic level and then changing it back. It has happened to me, and many other people. Every time clearing cashe works for me. I recommend clearing cashe.

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