Airports Not loading

Just landed after a 7 hr flight in EHAM from KJFK what a waste of 7 hrs 😩😔😡


Did you try clearing the scenery cache?

Yeah did that to didn’t work

I’ve also seen other people had this problem to is it a global server bug or something

Hello, Frank!

I am sorry to hear that your flight did not end the way you wanted it to.

This issue has been around for quite some time now. At the moment, the most reliable fix is to restart your device. However, this obviously isn’t ideal when in-flight. As a result, it is recommended to perform a device restart before each flight.

That said, if the issue does occur in-flight and you don’t want to end the flight, changing all graphics to low and then changing them back usually fixes the issue—this is something I had to do just last night after I went around at LPPT due to the pavement disappearing.

Once again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully a fix is just around the corner. :)


Same here. Airports disappeared for me, really weird bug. Glad to see a community that is so welcoming and supportive for new users.

That happened to me a couple of times at 3D airports. Buildings were there but no pavement. I finally ended up uninstalling IF and reinstalled. I haven’t had any problems since.

Clearing cache did not resolve the problem for me.

I also have this problem when I do long houl

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try set 3D object density to high after that set it to low

Thats not an option mid flight i thought

The problem is if you reinstall the app you lose all your flight hours 😩

i mean it could be

It shouldnt is your subsciption still active while its deleted

it will not if you are still on the same account to log in again and i recommend to backup your replays to save your replays

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This happened to be a while ago after a KJFK-OEJN flight (14 hours) in which I got a violation for this since I missed the runway… LOL

How do you back up your replays!? I’ve logged in to the same account but never would it backup my replays

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I really don’t want to reinstall the app but I might have to l. Since the clear scenery cache doesn’t work. Going to do the flight tonight hopefully all goes well. 🤞🤞.

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Try restarting your device before you being your flight as that could help and is recommended on a regular basis if anyone is having bugs with IF

@Frank_Cullimore as multiple people already stated above, change your 3D object density (in the graphic settings) to low and change it back to high, after that the airport and all 3D buildings should load in. And yes you can change this setting while inflight. Already experienced this bug myself multiple times, changing my 3D objects density solved the issue every time.

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