Airports not loading

None of the airports are loading in infinite flights. I have cleared scenery cache several times and uninstalled and reinstalled but it fixed nothing.

is it your wifi connection?

Are you connected to the global server? Tap the circle on the top right corner of the app when in flight and it will bring a larger menu, and one of them will be global server (pretty sure it’s the top one). If it shows a red exclamation mark, that’s your problem, probably due to your internet connection.

Just checked, it says I’m connected

Did you try to restart your device and the app again?

How much storage space do you have free?

Yes I have restarted it. I also have 98 GB free

Does it happen on other wifi networks?

Can you show us an image of the issue you are seeing?

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Erm…I can’t see anything wrong…

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What exactly are you expecting to see?

Infinite Flight currently does not have any 3D structures such as terminal buildings. The white-brown coloured space you’re seeing is the satellite imagery of that airport at a 15m/pixel resolution.


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