Airports not loading when coming from high altitudes

I made a flight from JFK to MIA, FL300, 270kts, A321-200 AA. For some reason, when I’m descending from cruising alt, I don’t see the airport at all. The ground looks really blurred and it wasn’t as detailed as how it was when I took off from JFK. Any idea what’s going on?

You most likely had a connection drop this causing the poor imagery.

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Oh ok, thanks Daniel.


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Is this a constant issue? Have you reproduced it? If you are experiencing it on most of your flights, I do recommend to reset your WiFi Router… Hope this helps! :)

This seems to be related to that issue again:

The devs are currently working on it, so I’m sure, it’ll be fixed soon :)

This definitely NOT a network issue! I suffered this promlem 3 times yesterday, the ground just stop loading, even I switch to different WiFi connection( I have 3 WiFi in my office, they are all stable).
Here’s a interesting thing, one time, when ground stop loading, I turn on AirPlane Mode, shut down all the network connection of my iPad, guess what, the Global green check stays green! And all the other are turn red.

This is a constant issue, just did another flight SFO-NRT, 788 ANA, FL300, 250kts, still happened again.

Can you provide a screen shot of what you are seeing as an example?

1 Like it looks like this.

What you are experiencing is called the “Black Floor” which is what @mbmhwue148 commented above.

Try to lower your graphics settings to all low and then work your way up and see if that helps.

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Ok, I’ll try it on my next flight. I’ll take the same route as the first one.

But I’m not too sure if that’s the problem. I have an iphone SE and it runs high graphics without any lag at all.

I am just telling you what has worked before for other people. Not every identical device can run with the same settings.

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Ok, I’ll try lowering my graphics. Thanks.

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