Airports not loading again

Device: Ipad
Operating system: iOS15.4.1

Airports not loading (again, like the issue in the past). In the past changing 3D settings up then down or any combination would fix it, but thats no longer possible. Anyone find a solution?

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Have you tried to setting all of your graphics settings to low after that set it back again?

yup - no effect

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Have you tried clearing the scenery cache and restarting the app?

Of course - nothing ha

Is this issue replicated across several airports?

Is related to this topic?

Yes! Exactly the same issue! Thanks for spotting! I also flew there twice and had the same issue so definitely not a one time thing.

Interestingly - there is no issue with loading the airport in the replay ha!

yes but no consistent pattern.

If you don’t mind me asking, how’s your connectivity? Are you using cellular data or have a slow connection?

I have awesome connectivity. ~900mb/s download and 850mb/s upload. It’s also continuously monitored and issues are reported in real time so thats unlikely to be the issue :)

Gotcha, then as Schyllberg had mentioned in the similar post linked above, this may be a temporary service degradation. However, if this airport was in fact, Munich, then it may be because of the airport itself. Either way, it’s something beyond our abilities to resolve.

I had one friend who faced the same exact issue. A reinstall of IF fixed the issue for him. While it may have been tried before, I would argue it doesn’t hurt to try.

Yeah, I hope so! A re-install did fix all my 787 issues a long time ago! Thanks :)

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Those are your maximum service speeds, but what really counts here is the connectivity itself. Is the WiFi signal is strong? Ping and Jitter are what’s important. Time is everything, minimal jitter is the goal here otherwise it could be indicative of an unstable and unreliable connection.

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