Airports not loading (again)

I had a similar issue earlier this month, where the airport wouldn’t load in. I cleared cache while going around, and it did nothing. Also seems as if the ground textures don’t line up with the ILS for some reason. Any ideas on what to do?

Hi Haifan,

If the issue is still persisting,

-Have a go at restarting Infinite Flight and then restart your device if needed.

From there if you’re still unable to see the airport;

Make sure to backup any replays you’d like to keep through and then reinstall Infinite Flight.

Maybe try reinstalling. The ground textures most of the time never align with the ground graphics

@Nick_Wing why PM? Can’t we all discuss about it here?

Please remember that reinstalling the app doesn’t always fix the problem. Please let the Mods and staff decide if they should reinstall the app.

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