Airports not appearing

Hello community¡!..
I’ve been lately having problems with airports not appearing when I’m on Final…
I’m sorry if there is already a threat about this but I couldn’t find it situation is that it’s starting to become more frequently and it’s starting to get annoying…
This time just happened to me a few minutes ago I was going to start my flight at EDDF
And this happened I cleared my scenery caché.
I quit the flight and went in again but nothing worked…

Believe it’s a known issue, what’s seemed to work, is end your flight, clear your scenery cache, and restart your app (Close it in the background as well), and that should work, if not fully restart your device and you should be good to go

@Alphadog4646 tanks let me go ahead and try that

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Just to get some more information to see if I can reproduce, were you having any connection problems prior to this happening?

@Brandon_K no everything is working perfectly fine

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Did you try what was recommended by @Alphadog4646 above? Also, what device and operating system are you on?

yes i try everything mentioned…
Samsung S6

Did you fully close the app in the background?


If you did everything last resort would probably be having to delete and reinstall IF… But do that at your own risk

It’s not a risk to delete and reinstall IF, according to my memory your account is supposed to be connected to a credential like Google or Facebook, so when you delete and reinstall IF you: Tap Facebook or Google if you associated your account to one of them then tap on the account that you connected with your IF account and you’d be logged into your account by then unless if that’s the wrong assosicated account.

According to the replies I have read, it seems like the best option would be doing as Alphadog4646 says and deleting & reinstalling IF.

Same happened here but then got fixed after restarting the app. It has stopped happening now.

Couple days ago lax was not appearing for me.

This should work:

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Thanks for using my post! 😃

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I say at your own risk because if something happens I don’t want to be responsible for the idea

Oh alright.

Screenshot_20190801-121321 and here we go again now I finished my flight I am taxing to the Gage and the plane still on the air literally you can see it on the screenshot…
This time fortunately Runway 13 on KNBA did appear but some auto parts of the airport did not load completely…
I am not complaining I am only giving you feedback

Have a read through there, that’s why everyone is experiencing issues today

hey bro thanks for the answer…
but it has been not only today this situation it’s been going on for a couple days already

Looking into your issue while we’re having a massive issue with the same symptoms won’t make any difference right now :)

I experienced the same problem at KPDX a few minutes ago.



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