Airports loading

Hi I have issues of airports loading, I have done cleared the cache but nothing happened, and lowered graphics but still nothing since last update I don’t know what happened, everything is empty, please help

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Have you performed an app and device restart? Often times that helps with solving plenty of issues.

I I have done everything and reinstall again but nothing happened

When you mention that you are having issues with airports loading, are you referring to 2D or 3D parts of the airport?

I have the same issue, tried to restart the app, the device, cleared the ground cache but nothing happens.
I’m on Android, Samsung S10

What’s does it mean by 2D or 3D because once you uninstalling it’s should be starts afresh, I have sent un email to infinite but what I have told it didn’t work, ooh boring

Could it be on the infinite flight problem on there system or it’s on our side, am not understanding which other steps do I have to do to stabilize or to get it back normal???

What I’m referring to here is whether you are encountering a known issue where certain 3D objects cannot be rendered unless you restart the app. In that case, it fixes the issue more or less all the time.

In the even the issue lies with the 2D layout of the airport, it is something that may need further investigation since you’ve already mentioned that you’ve reinstalled Infinite Flight with no improvement to the situation.

Actually everything was ok but since the last update everything went off, I have nothing else to do till the infinite flight guys guess they will fix the problem hopefully very soon,

Thanks for your concern I appreciate still waiting for the results

Many people have been having this issue.

I think changing your render settings in-flight and then changing it back will help load the airport.

This is a very common issue now though.

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