Airports in the Middle of the Pacific

Sometimes I just go on google earth and head out into the pacific, and look for small islands with airports. It gets pretty interesting. Does anyone else do this?

This one is pretty cool, the surface is coral.


Pretty much your most likely life savers when your plane screws you up in the middle of the ocean


Most of the ones on islands like wake and midway are all old WW2 airfields.


@HairlineAirline. French Frigate Shoals is part of the Hawaiian Chain. the Field is in disrepair but is still used as a military emergency recovery field for Hickum and Kaneohe. Here’s a bit of WWll Trivia;
In March 1942, Japanese naval planners took advantage of the shoal’s isolation to use its protected waters as an anchorage and refueling point for the long-range flying boats employed in their Operation K. In the aftermath of that attack, US Pacific Fleet Commander Nimitz ordered a permanent US Navy presence at the shoals. The former station is now abandoned.(Wiki & a great book, Oahu was bombed twice)

(There are thousands of WWll unnamed unplotted expeditionary airstrips thruout the Pacific. Visited many, scavenged a lot)


Interesting. I love learning about all these lonely islands and their military use back then.


Nimitz made many triumphant decisions in the Pacific theater. The presence in the shoals, according to one documentary that I watched was considered a paramount move towards his victory.

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If you look deeper (no pun intended) into the Pacific Ocean, you can find dozens of tiny islands each with an airbase on it. Some of them are labelled while others are not. Interesting…

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UA 154 visits some of those islands in the pacific, though those islands are only the tip of the iceberg in what’s out there. Not a bad day-trip out of HNL if you have some spare UA miles.

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I just look at Area 51

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Insightful, cleaver, thank you again sir for sharing your knowledge

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Try to find S-4

Wonder if they would if I would be able to edit this airport for global. Do you know the ICAO?

Definitely possible.

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