Airports In infinite flight

I have always wondered if you will ever add real buildings or airports jetways and ground crew even real life passengers on you plane I know the global update made infinite flight more realistic but can you make infinite flight even more realistic with cabin crew airports ground crew even boarding music but will they come in the future?

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Of course they will! Currently the developers are working as hard as they can on improving infinite flight and this is definetly in their list of things to do. I’ll link some topics below when and if I find them.

Also, one thing that might be tackling these features is device capability.



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We currently do not know anything about these features and I believe that the Infinite Flight Dev team is working on other things other than cabin crew, and ground activity at the moment.

If you would like to see 3D buildings vote for the feature here!

For Cabin Crew related things you can check out third party applications.

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