Airports in Global - What to Expect

For clarification, ALL airports will be available when Global comes to fruition. You will be able to spawn and land at ANY of the 11,000+ airport locations.

Airports which have been edited will be furnished with a complete set of spawn locations for every gate in real life. Buildings will be more defined. Terminal gates will have outlines defined (if they exist in real life).

Airports which have yet to be edited may or may not have several spawn locations. These will just be at the level they exist today in the basic XPlane World Repository. They WILL have appropriate runways however there may be only one or two spawn positions. Also the details of the aprons may be featureless.

My role (with the help from all of the other wonderful and gracious editors) is to help improve airports and provide continuous improvements to existing airports.

If your local airport has been edited then enjoy. If your local airport has yet to be “renovated” we WILL get round to it. This will not prevent you from taking off or landing there.

Remember that ALL of your airport editors are volunteers and are part of the greater community. We are volunteering our time (free of course) to make the IF experience better for YOU and of course ourselves.

I hope this note is helpful. As we go towards Global I still intend to devote most of my spare time to maintenance and continuous improvement of IF airports.



I do not understand one thing, there will be 3D Buildings @Kilt_McHaggis ?

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No, airport editors do not have control of 3D buildings, and they would not be implemented even if they were in the airport data file.


2D buildings.


Infinite Flight doesn’t have support for 3D buildings yet, so no.


looks good, nice one Kilt!

Oh, okay @BrunoC , thanks :)

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Okay, I understand now :)

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you are an amazing person

When get the update?

When it’s done 😁


This sounds great!

nice topic @Kilt_McHaggis!!

I can’t even begin to imagine how much work it must be to create 11,000+ airport locations. Makes me think that this huge activity largely determining the release date for IF Global…


And then to think it could take years for a small airport in some country gets a visit from an aircraft…


Thanks for the hard work Kilt, you and everyone else involved. Looking forward to seeing your final product.

All airports and challenging mountain airports or Nuuk airport

This should be pinned, I see too many people asking, “Will _______ be in global?”


Mabey they could set up a thing where when you see a unedited airport you could report it to a site or something, then that’s in line to get done

Great post. I hope this clears up a handful of things for people who are still unsure about what goes on behind the scenes of airport editing.

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What!!! 3D buildings!!!

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