Airports in flight plan

With the introduction of sids, stars, and rnav approaches I have seen an increase of people forgetting to put the airport where they are departing from in their flight plan. I am not saying that this is necessary but it is a recommendation to pilots. Also I have seen many people forgetting I have forgotten this too to put their arrival airport into their flight plan after stars and approaches. I just wanted this topic to be a reminder about including airports in your flight plan.


Same, I have forgotten too do that a lot.

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Yeah, I forgot once or twice. Huge pet peeve

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I forget sometimes. If I need to, I’d just zoom into the area they started :^)

No need for the departure airport in the FPL in my opinion, but the arrival airport is very important in IF, especially with the way the ATC section and the flight information work in IF. Thanks for the reminder, happened to me with the new update too once or twice…


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