Airports in Anartica

With the upcoming update where the whole world will be introduced, I was wondering if the runways would have the same slippery surface of ice of would it be the same traction as concrete but just made to look like ice ?

Global = Every airports in the world will be added. Including some in Antartica and Greenland


Yes but my main question was about the traction of the surface of those airports.


Carson was the first one there and I can assure you that he didn’t land on the water or any icebergs.


Yes, from what I have heard; “Antarctican” Airports will be added but not I full quality, so probally not traction. At least not in the innitial update! (From what we know of (devs may surprise)

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Im pretty sure traction on all airports going to be the same. Nothing was and is confirmed about this though

SAWB I believe is the only airport done up for global in Antarctica. And it isn’t an ice runway…

However the Ice runways will not be slippery for global.


As of now, there are no slippery surfaces for ice runways.