Airports for XP

Anyone have a good airport with tough weather conditions for touch and goes to earn XP?


It depends on what plane your using and how you approach, I recomend Somewhere in Alaska, The mountains are beautiful, but challenging!

I always use to find places with wind. Right now I can see that some airports in the Aleutian Chain in Alaska look very windy right now.
Feel free to look for yourself though :)


True, what plane is the best for T and Gs?

Try to find storms and stuff thats occuring in the real world. Then go there in IF and it should be stormy and windy so you can rack on Xp or just play around.

The plane is up to you.
I often use the CCX as it has a lot of power so it can make sharp turns and not stall out as easily.
If you are using a one runway airport the CCX is very good for the tight turns.

Thanks for the help!

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Gotcha, thx for the help!

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Thx for the help! Everyone

No problem.
If you have further questions don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM :)

You too aviator, thx! Just trying to rack some XO

All you need is somewhere where you can do very tight patterns. I can do tight patterns for 1 hour with 0 knot winds and still get 10,000xp plus. There’s many airports you could use that have a set of parallel runways at them because that’s all you really need.

Best plane to use in my opinion is the Cessna 172 as it is very manoeuvreble and easy to adjust to your needs when doing touch and goes.


Go to EHAM in a C172

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A GA aircraft is good for touch and gos

YSSY is great place so many runway

has anyone done touch & goes using big airliner? probably A380?

Metro Oakland is easy with small propellor aircraft. Lots of runways

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I personaly like KNUQ (not KNUC!!) near SFO. Close long parallel runways and no other traffic. Take off, tight 180 degree turn, landing on parallel runway, then again. With SR22 you can easily do 10 landings in 5 minutes and get 800-1100 xp depending on wind conditions.

My spot is at KSFO with a C208. The cross runways means i can do a 4 leaf clover pattern and do more landing in the same amount of time i can do an a parallel runway. BTW, Casual server is best for touch and go.
Happy Flying!

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