Airports editing in Italy

If there’s anyone who’s making 3D airports in Italy, can you tell me please? I might help

First youll need to be IFAET to edit. Also airport editirs do not take requestʻs if thats what your doing.

Hope this helps


Mine wasn’t a request. I know we can’t do that. It was only a curiosity if there are ones. That because Italy is one of the major European countries that has less 3D airports (5) which 3 of them are really really small.

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Well at this point i cant help you, the best that can happen is you join IFAET and edit yourself, i applied i septemeber if last year yet im still waiting, its a paitence game.


Me too! I think that we can’t do that, we have to be friends of someone inside ET

Or maybe I see everyone doing “Project country”.
Why none is doing anything about that in Italy?

Despite its importance in Europe, we are “discriminated”. You can also see it from the liveries of the planes. The don’t have problems to add American or English liveries, for the Italian ones are not enough even the votes on the forum

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I im part of the IFAET. Because italy is a big country im pretty sure that there are some airports that are on work right now (i dont truly know).
All the project country threads are threads made by the community, if there isnt one it doesnt mean no airport is on work it means no one has created a thread.
If you dont know about airport in work its either there is no work on the airport or the airport is in work but the editor would like to keep it private till release.

I can tell you there are big airports in work that are kept private

Hope that meke sense, if you have questions feel free to ask


Thank you for your availability! I’m sure someone will be creating some, it would have just been nice to know something about it since we know about all the airports in Saudi Arabia or other countries.

Totally agree!

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We have this thread
Maybe ask the creator to ask to open this thread back

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Thanks. This was about 2D airports

This is completely untrue. I do believe there are a couple of ITA liveries for a couple different aircraft confirmed to come in a future update.


Personal opinion:

What about Swiss, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, German, Irish, Polish, Greek, Croatian or any of the other 34 countries within Europe?

Sorry but I’m simply allergic to claims like that. Everyone everywhere can’t have everything.


Volotea, Wizz, Ryanair, Easyjet, Eithiopian (In some cases). These are all airlines that seem to fly a lot in and out of Italian airports that are in the game. The only reason there are less Italian Airlines in the game is because Alitalia is gone and ITA is just starting up but more Italian liveries will come soon.

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To add to this: the ITA A350-900 is confirmed


do you know any other? I would like to request the A330-900Neo, but first, it’s under painting process right now, so there are no photos, and, I can’t make any feature post hahahaha

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