Airports count

Anyone Know how many airports IF has.

hi i don’t have an current number but you can have a look in here:

there is an answer for you


Thank you I’ll look

there are at least 5 airports in infinite flight, hopefully that helps :D

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There are about 30,000 airports in Infinite Flight.

Yup that is really helpful information from @feitidede, hopefully it is helpful enough for u all

If you want the total number of airports edited and catalogued, that is a whopping 5,890 from January 2015 up until today. That would put the number of edited airports compared to total global airports at about 11%

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Dang only 11% how many airports are there in the world

Our estimate is around 50,000. Of course, many of them are very small so the rate of airports completed is only increasing

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