Airports closed

Hello pilots and air traffic controllers. I want to ask to you if airports closed are always closed. Is like I said?

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Please elaborate on that, do you mean airports such as kai tak (VHXX)? Which is permanently closed and has an x in brackets next to the name.

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As @booster45 said plz elaborate and be specific
If it’s an airport like KDFW being closed because of a severe storm ,no ,it’s just on a groundstop and will reopen when the storm has passed

If it’s an airport that’s been closed for good,maybe because of financial issues or natural disasters ,etc ,then yes

I’m assuming that you are asking In Infinite Flight. The answer is no.

Controllers (Expert ATC) in IF do an amazing job, but they don’t go as far as to bring real life weather and stuff into effect

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So IF airports never close?

Wait! What’s going on here?

Let’s clarify the matter of the question first !
Random answers certainly don’t help anybody in a constructive way…

@CaptainMe could you please elaborate as said above?


We have a lot of answers from different views because the author did not specify

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There is a lot of confusion happening right now, but no. Airports should have weather matching real life, so if the weather/visibility is bad enough in an area, the airport might close temporarily. This is marked by a red center instead of a green center on the map.
I’m not sure if airports in IF can close for reasons other than weather…


Airports don’t close at all in Infinite Flight…


The red interior is just very poor weather, IFR conditions. It’s not closed. Green is VFR. Somewhere is the full chart of colors; I think blue is in there somewhere too.

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I asked about airports that have a low visiblity like CYSJ. In the real life these airports are open so I asked to you why they are closed

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Here you go. Maybe you got confused because of the red dot, but it only means bad weather conditions

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